Benefits of EE Signal Booster

A mobile signal booster is a device made up of an external antenna, internal antenna, coax cables, and amplifier. It is used to help strengthen a network in places with network signal deterioration.

EE mobile phone signal boosters help when subscribers face a problem with interruptions in their connection. These interruptions are mostly related to rural areas but that is not always the case. people in urban areas too could face this problem.

Also, signal strength for indoors and outdoors often differs in quality.

Numerous factors could spoil EE network strength, for example, hills, high trees, many people with mobile devices,thick walls, basements, metal surfacescertain types of glass, and many buildings surrounding. Distance from the user to the cell tower also counts.

To solve these problems, that is why EE came up with their boosters.

How EE signal booster works

Below are the reasons why you should choose to purchase EE signal boosters from the market;

  1. EE provides the fastest 2G,3G, and 4G network services across the UK.
  2. It offers a 4G network which is in more places than any other network. There is also an assurance of it being the biggest and best 4G coverage.
  3. It has built-in Wi-Fi calling thus one can call or text with no worries when there is no mobile signal.
  4. It is easy to install and use the booster. One just needs to fix an outdoor antenna, place a booster box and an indoor antenna then connect all the elements with a coaxial cable. Once they are plugged in, you will see a positive difference in your network strength.
  5. One EE mobile signal booster may be used simultaneously if using a signal transmitted by the same frequency band. Multiple connections for example by family, colleagues, are possible.
  6. A customer enjoys the freedom of choice as EE has a wide range of boosters thus provides buyers with a variety to choose from.
  7. A wide range of upgrades and additional elements like more powerful antennas and splitters aimed at solving the user’s network problem.
  8. Customized boosters are available. There are different boosters depending on the size of the building, small (up to 3300 ft2), medium (3300-6000 ft2), and large buildings (up to 32300 ft2). Available are also boosters that can fit in vehicles.
  9. Excellent customer service whereby a customer just needs to report the kind of problems they have and EE will be ready to offer the best kind of solution to it.